Stuart Dobson

Microsoft .NET developer in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Azure, .NET and Devops.

A Microsoft .NET developer since 2002, I've worked in a variety of industries and roles, but always focussed on the Microsoft stack. Currently I'm working to reduce the costs and carbon emissions of commercial buildings with cutting edge technology in .NET and Azure.

I've been a technology enthusiast my whole life. In primary school, my teacher once let me take a computer home. This was when computers were the size of a shopping trolley. It changed my world. Now I'm now a privacy and ethical technology advocate.


Technical Excellence

Leading teams to build innovative high quality software

Stuff I'm into


I didn't just go to Japan - I went to Japan in the 90s. They had technology then that we still don't have in the west. I spent 2 weeks living with a Japanese family and attending high school. It was a life changing experience and I maintain a great fondness for Japanese language and culture.

Public Speaking

A long time member of Toastmasters, I guess it's about time I started filling out this section.


I've loved video games since the late 80s. But I have over 700 games in my backlog 😅


Old man yells at cloud

A disappointed Xennial complains about the modern world


Exploring Our Technological Evolution

Philosohical articles about AI, science, Extra Terrestrials, Virtual Reality and other interesting science/technology