Stuart Dobson

Microsoft .NET developer in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Azure, .NET and Devops.

A Microsoft .NET developer since 2002, I've worked in a variety of industries and roles, always focussed on the Microsoft stack.

I've been a technology enthusiast my whole life. In primary school, my teacher let me take a computer home. This was when computers were the size of a shopping trolley. I've been using computers to build stuff ever since. I'm now working to reduce the costs and carbon emissions of commercial buildings with cutting edge technology. I'm also a privacy and ethical technology advocate.


Technical Excellence

Leading teams to build innovative high quality software

Digital Disorder

Navigating the failed internet - Privacy, Security, Social Media and Politics


Stuff I'm into


I didn't just go to Japan - I went to Japan in the 90s. They had technology then that we still don't have in the west. (Where's our heated toilet seats?) I spent 2 weeks living with an awesome Japanese family and attending high school. It was a life changing experience and I maintain a great fondness for Japanese language and culture.

Public Speaking

A long time member of Toastmasters, currently working on Presentation Mastery level 3.


Gamer since the late 80s. Favourite games of all time are Ark:Survival Evolved, Dawn of War 1, and the Deus Ex franchise. Slowly working through over 700 games in my backlog 😅



Exploring Our Technological Evolution

Philosophical articles about AI, science, Extra Terrestrials, Virtual Reality and other interesting science/technology

Noisy Hedgehog

Some satire I wrote many years ago

Hopefully no potential employers are reading this