Stuart Dobson

Microsoft .NET developer working in Azure, .NET and Devops.

A Microsoft .NET developer since 2002, I've worked in a variety of industries and roles, always focussed on the Microsoft stack.


Technical Leadership | MVC, ASP.NET Core | Extensive Azure experience, Cloud Architecture and Devops | Azure AI and ML Experience | Regulatory compliance, Data privacy, Data Security, performance, technical standards and best practices | Passionate about SOLID design principles, refactoring and clean code

I started coding in high school where I made a version of Breakout in Blitz Basic on the Amiga. I also made a maths program for kids, a renewable energy catalogue, and a sandwich simulator.

I also like to write about technology's implications on society. Back in 2009 I speculated that one day the big tech companies would gather enough data to manipulate us politically, and one commenter remarked that I was giving social media too much credit.

I'm currently working on technology to reduce the costs and carbon emissions of commercial buildings.


Technical Excellence

Leading teams to build innovative high quality software

Digital Disorder

Navigating the failed internet - Privacy, Security, Social Media and Politics




Exploring Our Technological Evolution

Philosophical articles about AI, science, Extra Terrestrials, Virtual Reality and other interesting science/technology